The plank can be modified to suit all bodies. If you have sore wrist, drop to your elbows.


“Just got home from my first TRX class! Wow! Not sure which bit of my body and brain felt it most! Really appreciated Jeanette spending time with me before class showing me how to use the apparatus (too exhausted to remember the technical term!) and keeping an eye on me to keep me using my muscles and body as I should. Always a friendly, enthusiastic group of people at any Mountain Pilates class. Have tried a few and have signed up for next weeks TRX already.” - Amanda

“Dear Jeannette and Marieke, I wanted to write you both an email to express also in writing my extensive gratitude to you Jeannette, for organising such unique mindful and inspiring events and for Marieke in sharing your amazing knowledge and passion in this gut health seminar.
It changed my life ever since, it was a total eye opener for me and inspiring, delicious and confirmed all my previous doubts, studies and queries I have personally been doing since the last few years. I have learned so much about pre- and pro biotic food and gut health, that I can now finally live it and use it in my daily life to the full and slowly introduce it to my family. I have three kids, 8, 6 and and almost 4 year old and they all very different kids like most kids are, also when it comes to food. I am since using this amazing recipe booklet with the most delicious and varied food recipes from salads, broths, smoothies to deserts like healthy gut gummies, that even my kids indulge a different food level and love every bit of it and I know every bit of it is sugar free or endorses the pre or probiotic gut health in every tummy. It gives you to show that once you understand how to use the right sourced food and make it delicious, you can hide superfood veggies for you kids in the cooking or desserts until they actually understand and like it as they grow up as much as learn how to use it themselves. 
Thank you both for bringing a healthy and inspiring awareness to me and this amazing community here and further, and teaching us, how important food to our health is and how you can use it to the full and enjoy it in the same time. With highest recommendations” - Susi 

”It was wonderful to meet you on Saturday. I was so impressed with the Workshop. You made everything seem so effortless when I know it was an enormous amount of work.
I felt so healthy after eating all of Marieke's delicious food. I added the collagen and gelatin to my protein shake this morning which was great.” - kay

“I was referred to Mountain Pilates by my physiotherapist and first attended with caution.  What could an intimate studio in a quiet Monbulk street have to offer ?  
A few years later my fitness level has leapt ahead,  my body is flexible and stronger.  I am able to challenge myself with exercises I always thought were beyond my capability and my impending knee replacement continues to be delayed.
All this is due to the care and attention of Jeanette Tatton.  Jeanette is a naturally gifted teacher.  She communicates clearly, is well organised and ensures students fully understand instructions.  Her classes are interesting and most importantly fun. 
With a maximum of 8 in a class, Jeanette has the skill to offer individual attention to each participant and adapt exercises to suit individual needs.  
Whatever your level of fitness, you feel supported and encouraged and gain confidence to challenge yourself at your own pace.
Jeanette values each student and continually supports her teaching with her holistic approach to fitness and health.  Her regular classes are enhanced by lectures and hands-on workshops, run by professionals in their field.
I could not recommend Jeanette highly enough.  I will always be grateful that her genuine care and concern for her students has breathed life back into an old body.”

- Claire

“Not being a natural to anything remotely related to gymnastics, I have found Jeanette to be the most encouraging, engaging, considerate, and fun teacher. Her studio makes me feel like I’m not in my normal world (where I am terrible at sports in general), but rather a different person in a different world (more accurately, her studio looks like a super fancy place in New York). Whether it’s Pilates, TRX, or stretch massage - I find all classes to be very beneficial and uplifting. So blessed to have Mountain Pilates in my life!!!” - Florence

“I have been going to Mountain Pilates for just over a year. I have greatly improved in strength and flexibility and my lower back issues have almost completely disappeared. But what makes me go back most of all is that Jeanette makes the classes fun, interesting and never boring!”  - Philomen

“Jeanette is an inspiring and energetic teacher. Her studio space is amazing. I have been going to her classes for almost six years and I have an all new body! I can touch my toes with ease, my back pain is gone, my hip pain too. I always walk out of her classes feeling taller and so good about myself and the world around me. Jeanette provides a whole body work out that changes regularly and she is constantly introducing new techniques and improvements. She makes me feel like I achieve and offers encouragement and inspiration. I have also attended her workshops and wow, they are life changing. I have no hesitation in recommending her classes and her workshops, both will make you glow.”  - Rachael

“I’ve been coming to Mountain Pilates for several years: initially when pregnant, then post birth with kids, and without. 

Jeanette is professional and passionate. A real powerhouse! Fantastic at what she does, she has the uncanny ability to tune into the individual (adapting the program wherever needed), whilst never missing a beat in terms of running the class smoothly as a whole. The one off workshops I’ve done at Mountain Pilates have also been informative and inspiring. 

When I leave Mountain Pilates I always feel great and I’m reminded of the importance of prioritising myself and my health.”  - Bec

“Having the flexibility of a petrified stick, Jeanette at Mountain Pilates has been a great find, I can now touch my toes with my nose. Not only is her studio well equipped and comfortable but is in a beautiful tranquil bush setting. Jeanette also has the gift of tailoring her sessions for all workouts to cater for people with different ailments.” 

- Max

"Jeanette's expertise and passion for exercise provides a supportive experience and motivation to challenge yourself each class. Jeanette's understanding and knowledge of the body assists in adapting the program to suit all levels of fitness. Classes  have a  social atmosphere of fun and friendship while working out. The workshops are informative and the presenters are passionate. Mountain Pilates is an amazing wonderful studio to keep fit and healthy." - Catherine

“Mountain Pilates has become an incredibly important part of my life. I have had multiple significant back problems resulting in severely decreased movement and ongoing pain. Jeanette has worked with me for many years to improve not only my strength and movement, but also my quality of life.  Jeanette has programs that last for 4 weeks using a variety of skills, exercises and challenges. They build on each other to provide a balanced, interesting program. During the class, Jeanette ensures that all the exercises are appropriate for me. She has made a special effort to help me with the rehabilitation I have needed. Discovering pilates has given me a new approach to understanding my body, my health and my physical abilities.I always finish class feeling amazing and ready to take on anything, no matter how I felt before the class.”

 - Jane

As an ex-dancer and dance teacher with a long history of injuries, I have been constantly recommended pilates by medical professionals as a means to increase and sustain intrinsic strength and stability. I tried numerous clinical pilates classes, as well as pilates specialists without any luck. I found they didn’t understand my needs, often didn’t know how to work with hyper mobile joints and generally had boring classes, with movements and exercises that did not flow together.  Jeanette’s classes are something else completely. She caters to all needs, sizes, strengths and flexibility with a knowledge of the human body paralleled only by medical professionals. I never got bored in her classes and found that I was constantly using exercises she had taught me with my students in dance class because they were so effective. I fell in love with pilates, but also found that is supported all my other physical pursuits and lead me to the most injury free time in my life.  I have since moved interstate, but still use skills Jeannette taught me every week. - Alice