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Feeding the GUT- Practically

Bendigo Bank Community Space @ 68 main road
Saturday 4th of may 12.30 – 4pm

Presented by Marieke Rodenstein Dietitian & Nutritionist
Supported by Mountain Pilates

The trillions of bacteria living inside our gut have a powerful effect on our health and wellbeing. Look after them and you are guaranteed better health. Harm them, and you risk harming the health of your entire body.
Disturbances in our gut flora are being linked to an ever increasing number of diseases from gastrointestinal issues such as IBS and acid reflux to eczema, allergies, autoimmune issues, diabetes, depression, obesity and autism.

If you suffer from any health issues or just want to improve your health, come and join us for afternoon of cooking and conversation and discover practical solutions to help optimise your gut health and transform your overall health.

During this workshop, we will demonstrate how to make quick, easy and nutrient-dense foods that will help nourish your gut microbiome. The selection of recipes have been gathered and created by Marieke and will include breakfast, lunch and dinner options as well as snacks, sweets, teas and tonics. You will get the opportunity to observe, take notes and enjoy tasters of all of the foods that we prepare.

We will be offering foods to taste that are:

* Sugar free
* Gluten Free
* Dairy free
* bone broth will be served – that will not be vegetarian

You will leave with:
*a belly/ gut with a smile on it's face
*tastebuds that are thriving with sensations
*an understanding how simple this can be
*where to source products

$150 early bird rate
$170 from Saturday 20th May

Jeanette Tatton
0411 477 850

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